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Mothers Day Letter

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The world’s greatest teacher is a woman who suffered pain.
She taught me about the flowers, the sunshine and the rain.
She showed me how a boy could grow up to be a king,
Or a beggar, or a Bishop, or almost anything.

She started every day with my well being first at hand.
She showed me all the goodness God had placed upon this land.
She knew when I was feeling down and did her best to cheer me.
She gave me strength, and faith, and love, just by being near me.

She cleansed my wounds and bruises, when I had lost a fight.
She nursed me through my illnesses, through many sleepless nights.
She scolded me when I was wrong, and God knows I deserved it.
She taught me love is a precious thing, and you must work to preserve it.

When others turned their backs on me, and I knew it wasn’t fair,
She always took me by the hand to show me someone cared.
All through my life she guided me, and made me understand,
That life is never easy, no matter what you’ve planned.

How does one say, “Thank You”, to one who gave so much?
For the greatest gifts she gave me are the ones I cannot touch.
From her heart pure love poured out, she had greatness like no other.
So instead of saying, “Thank you”, I’ll just say, “I love you, Mother!”

Mothers’ Day Dedication to all MOTHERS
by Bob Martin   4-14-83
Glens Falls Elks Lodge No. 81



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